EnOcean IoT Connector – ready-to-use sensor data for your IoT project

EnOcean IoT Connector – intelligent data transformation

The integration of EnOcean sensors and switches is now easier than ever before

Data lays the foundation for applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s collected by trillions of sensors and enables for example the digitization of buildings. The easier the sensor data can be transmitted to the cloud or on premise the better. EnOcean bridges this gap with the EnOcean IoT Connector.

The software translates the sensor data into a ready-to-use format for IoT applications and data-driven businesses. It comes as a Docker container. And it’s as simple as this: The IoT Connector can use the existing IT infrastructure to collect your data, process it and feeds them to your application. And most importantly – there is no middleman between you and your data.

Benefits at a glance

  • IoT Connector provides the data for every IoT application
  • No middleman between customer and data – complete control over data flow
  • Place, connect and forget – the integration of EnOcean products is now easier than ever before
  • EnOcean sensor data and sensor health
  • High security level – data is not forwarded to third parties or service providers
  • End-to-end-encryption (AES 128 and TLS)
  • Lowest connectivity costs – leverage existing building infrastructure
  • IoT Connector can run anywhere
  • Instant deployment and updates on premises or in the cloud

IoT applications in smart buildings

The EnOcean IoT Connector is designed to deliver all necessary information for IoT applications provided by wireless sensors which are based on the EnOcean protocol. The protocol enables the wireless sensors to run with ultra-low power. They draw the power to operate from their surrounding using energy harvesting technology. Thus, the sensors are self-powered and work maintenance-free. Examples of sensor-based data collection in a smart building:



Air Quality

Position Sensor


Smart Metering

Leverage existing building infrastructure

The deployment of the IoT Connector requires no additional hardware costs when an already existing infrastructure is used, for example Aruba Wi-Fi Access Points. All that is needed to send EnOcean IoT data is an EnOcean USB stick plugged into a Wi-Fi access point from Aruba.

EnOcean IoT Connector Aruba

The Aruba Access Points talk directly to the IoT Connector running as part of the infrastructure or the final data destination, so no additional gateways are needed. With this complete scenario, customers have exclusive control over the data flow.

Building infrastructure collects and forwards raw data

Upgrading the existing building infrastructure with the Aruba solution is particularly cost-saving. Other options include low-cost EnOcean gateways based on NB-IoT, LTE or wired solutions, for example. There is no processing, hosting or complex computing on site. The data is forwarded to the EnOcean loT Connector in raw format (ESP3 – EnOcean Serial Protocol 3).

  • Example: Aruba Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Standard settings and support in Aruba OS
  • No need for complex configuration. Just plug in the EnOcean USB stick.

The EnOcean IoT Connector is a software that is available as a Docker container image. A container is a standard unit of software and can be deployed and run anywhere.

  • Output and deployment: Easy adoption by IoT clouds
    Customer applications consume IoT data in a „key-value pair“ format, like JSON. One key feature of the IoT Connector software is that it decodes the IoT data from EnOcean protocol and translates it into ready-to-use data in JSON format to be used in the actual application.
EnOcean IoT Connector IoT adoption
  • Management API: The Management API onboards the sensors
    Sensors are easy to onboard and to commission via the app EnOcean Tool using NFC, a web interface or directly with our Management API.

    Features of the Management API:
    • Easily onboard (add, edit, remove) sensors into the IoT Connector
    • OpenAPI
    • Backup possibility

Get all the technical documentation such as Management API or JSON data example at BitBucket. Additionally, you can find deployment instructions, Dockerfiles, egress examples, a read me and tutorial.

May 2021

Available at Azure Market Place, data ingress from Azure IoT Hub, MQTT as egress – redesign

May 2021

 June 2021

Advanced sensor health analysis

 June 2021

July 2021

Support for generic gateways ingress for the IoT Connector

July 2021

 August 2021

Web user interface for IoT Connector for testing and onboarding

 August 2021

September 2021

Commissioning and onboarding of sensors with app EnOcean Tool to IoT Connector

September 2021

October 2021

Support for selected bidirectional EEPs

October 2021

Are you missing a feature? Please let us know and mail us your suggestions and ideas.



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Press release

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The EnOcean IoT Connector is provided as a license with an annual subscription. You select how many EnOcean devices your license does include, that directly defines how many devices your IoT Connector instance will process. It is this easy, just choose how many EnOcean devices will be deployed in your IoT project.


Free full functional time limited trial with all features enabled.

up to 50 devices

90 days


For buildings or PoCs up to 50 EnOcean end devices.

up to 50 devices

250 € pa


For typical deployments in buildings with various IoT applications.

up to 250 devices

1000 € pa


Are you interested in a license for more than 250 devices?

above 250 devices

get individual quote

Once you have your license the EnOcean IoT Connector is available at DockerHub and Microsoft Azure Marketplace, including all updates. Read the technical documentation on deployments details.

docker hub
Logo Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Place, connect and forget!

The EnOcean IoT Connector does all the processing of the data collected by wireless sensors. It has never been easier to build custom-made dashboards in IoT applications to analyze and visualize data in buildings.

Try out new IoT applications now or do quick and cost-efficient proof of concepts (PoCs) to evaluate the benefits of IoT projects. Do you have any questions? Get in contact with us anytime.

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